Stead Impact Ventures

Our investment strategy is focused on positively impacting healthcare and bending the curve of neurodegenerative disorders, mental health, and obesity. We invest in mission-aligned early-stage companies and deliver robust leadership and support services, positioning our partners for venture-scale returns and global impact.

Stead Innovators Network

We believe that we are stronger together, and through the Stead Innovators Network, we create opportunities for mentorships, strategic partnerships between our for-profits and nonprofits, and best-practice training across vital start-up topics and needs.

Select Portfolio Companies

ALZpath is a passionate, diverse, and focused group of medical researchers, healthcare professionals, and renowned scientific advisors dedicated to transforming the Alzheimer’s disease ecosystem through timely diagnosis.

The Amydis team is developing ocular tracers for immediate detection of degenerative and systemic diseases. This pioneering technology can accelerate diagnosis, improve  the clinical testing of novel therapeutics, and revolutionize treatment.

Atlas Meditech is positioned to change the way neurosurgery is performed through a suite of surgical intelligence innovations, advancing the care of patients suffering from neurosurgical disorders and benefiting 1.3 million patients undergoing complex brain surgery annually.


Cato’s mission is to reimagine the medical supply chain through transformative technologies. The company builds trust through transparency and reliability, delivering the highest value to healthcare customers while giving back to the community.

Spinogenix is developing a
new class of regenerative therapeutics to restore memory and motor functions lost in neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases and is advancing the first synaptic regenerative therapy in Alzheimer’s disease.

Committed to using technology to support empathy for the cognitively impaired, TapRoot provides caregivers with the tools to improve efficiency and performance, increasing the quality of care for cognitively impaired individuals and improving lives.

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